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Jumma Khutba 2/13/04 Surat Elshura Chapter 42

Bismallah Elrahman Elraheem (in the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful)

Salaam Alikum
Praise be to Allah, all the thanks and gratefulness to him, we all seek and ask for his help and forgiveness, and we all repent to him from our sins and our evil deeds and actions.  Whomever Allah sets on the right path he is the beneficiary, and whomever is misguided no one else will guide, and I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, alone no equal to him, he gives life and takes away life and he is over every one and every thing, and I bear witness that prophet Mohamed (PBUH) sent as guidance and mercy to humanity, is his messenger and seal of prophets. He was sent to all mankind, black white, and yellow. Allah (SWT) prays for him, bless and praise is upon him, his family, his companion, and any one who follows his guidance to the Day of Judgment.

Brothers and sisters,
We thank Allah (God) on this day, Friday, best day of the week…Moslems congregate in this day all over the world, to pray. They race to mention Allah name, and they desert their trades, and businesses for the prayers, because it is better for them.

We all came to this blessed country legally for one purpose or another. Many came in to improve their living standards. Others came in to further their education. Some came in because they were against political policies in their homeland; others came in because they fell in love of the principals America stands for. And so on.
One thing all of us share in, that is we are Moslems. And as such Islam was the common denominator.  Allah SWT had another purpose for us and that is to become practicing Moslems and become example for Americans who are looking, and searching for a guiding light.
Allah, SWT knows when a leaf falls off a tree. So he knows the most inner feeling, thought, and even the most unknown feeling to you.
Time has come, brothers and sisters, for the blessings of Islam to spread in this land, and take hold, by the will of the supreme lord.  Just by being an example of a good Moslem person.
Let us be proud of being Moslems.  Because our faith is the last faith came to man and as the prophet, ASWS, said in his last speech, on mount Arafat the 10th year of hijra:
“O people, no prophet or messenger will come after me, and no new faith will be born.”

This deen (Religion) brothers and sister, is deen Elhaq (truth). It calls for truth, virtue, and honesty, and calls for El adala el Igtimaiya (social justice), by virtue of this deen we are obligated to participate in the political life in the land were we and our children live.   To achieve (social justice) we are obligated by our deen to participate, positively, in the shaping of the policies that regulate our lives.  And this requires that we vote our interest.  For the sake of the good of the society, and our good we must participate in the political process.

So we must use our constitutional right to vote our conscious in the coming election, In November.

By doing so we are complying with Allah’s words in Surat El Shura, (consultation) # 42, Ayat 36, 37, and 38.

Allah says: “ and whatever bounty you have been given is but a passing enjoyment for this worldly life; but that which is with Allah is better and forever for those who believe in Allah according to Islam; and place their trust in Allah concerning their affair; and those who answer the call for prayers; and those who conduct their affairs by shura (mutual consultation); And those who spend of what we have given them.” The truth is the words of Allah.
Shura in this sense in Islam is the foundation of the good and true Government. And it is the way to find Alhaq (the truth) and know the best views and opinions for the benefits of the governed. Holly Quraan has ordered by shura, and made it a foundation upon which a state (in political terms) is built. Not just Islamic state, but any state.

This Surah (chapter) is called Al shura (the consultation) because it is the only surah that decreed shura as an element of Eiman in Allah (belief in Allah).  These ayat (mentioned before) determined that the believing person, with true faith, acts in certain way based on:

  • The purification of the heart by the true faith and Eiman by Allah alone, and place their trust in him.
  • The purification of the senses from sins and Fawahish (immoral actions and intents)
  • The monitoring of ones self, critiquing one self,
  • The performance of Ibadat Allah
  • The good social cohesion, and the fairness, unbiased opinion and views expressed through shura (consultation)
  • Spending in the sake of Allah.
  • Then the element of grace by defeating aggression and self-satisfaction, self-centered tendencies.

This person in participating in shura will not be afraid of saying what he believes is true and accurate, his fear is from Allah, the owner and sustainer of this world, his fear is from the day when he stands before the one god, Allah to be judged on every thing he did and said.  If it is true he is ok, if not then he will be punished.  To him a Human boss is not the concern.  During early days of Islam people members of shura used to say the true opinion to the prophet. Every one was fearful of Allah if he lies or deceives.
This allowed a person to be free to express the true views of the matters that concerns Moslems. Express that to the prophetThe above Ayat from surat El shura, came down on the prophet after the Moslems were defeated in the battle of Ahud. So Allah ordered the prophet, ASWS, to consult with his companion in what takes shape in their affairs. Because they participate in resolution of these matters, and connect their hearts towards the solving of problems in concert with each other.
This established a very important political principal of social cohesion in managing political matters of Moslems.
And emphasizing this important political principal, Allah SWT, says in Surat Al Omran, #3-159 “
“Lw konta fazza ghaleez al Qulb La anfado min hawlik, fa afu anhum, waistaghfer lahum, wa shawerhum fi el amr, wa izza azamt fa tawakel ala allah ”.
It says” had you been, harsh, sever and cold hearted they would have left you and dispersed from around you, so ask forgiveness for them and consult with them in the matter, when you decide put your trust in Allah, Allah loves those who put their trust in him”

The prophet, ASWS, used to consult with his ashab ( companion) in the matters that accepts consultation.
Matters of believe and Ibadat ( matters that Quraan and sunna have established rules for them) are outside the scope of shura.
And sometimes he would not insist on following his views, and takes with the opinion of his companions. It happened that he took with the opinion of Abu Bakr Al Sideeq ( the trusted) in the incident of war captured kufar after Bader, and refused to take the opinion of Omar and who followed him.Many Ahadeeth (saying of the prophet) which calls for shura ( consultation), among them

(Get assisted in solving difficult matters with shura)
(Never sorry who consulted others, and never failed who asked for advise)

It was customary, during the days of the prophet (ASWS) to consult with his companion from mekka and medina, or discuss with them who have more experience in the matters posed.  And the khulfaa did the same during their time.
It was mentioned that after Othman died, they came in to Ali and told him: we give you our vote to become khalifa, so shake hands, it is necessary to settle this matter, and you the most deserving of it. Ali said, this is not for you it is for the shura and people of Badr, so who those people elect will be the khalifa. So let us get together and decide in this matter.
It was mentioned that after Abu Bakr became Khalifa, he went some day to the market with clothing at his hand. Omar met him on the way. Omar asked him where are you going, he said to the market, Omar said why and you are Moslems Khalifa now. He said I have a family I have to feed, so Omar advised him to go to biet elmal (the treasury) and ask they designate you a salary to take care of your family obligations. Look brothers and sister at the character of Abu Bakr.I say my words and ask Allah forgiveness for you and me direct your Duaa to Allah who respond to youAlhamdu Lillah the lord of the universe and prayer and blessing is upon the prophet, his family and his companion, and any one who follows his guidance to the Day of Judgment.The principal of Shura in Islam was an important human and political principal It meant political participation in the matters that concerns Moslems.  It was meant to benefit and protect the interest of Moslems in earnest and sincerity. So brothers and sisters how can we apply this principal in this land.
I say it necessary for us, who are eligible, to vote in the upcoming election. As a form of participation, and also in compliance with Allah words

Let us see who will serve the interest of Moslems in the upcoming election. As members of the ICOC I encourage you to give your vote to the candidate who does not have misconception and wrong ideas about our culture and sees the problems in a fair and just eye.

Alhamdu lillah and peace be with you
Conduct the prayer.