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Bismallah Elrahman Elraheem

This speech was written before hajj was completed 1/30/04

Aslamu Alikum, Praise be to Allah, all the thanks and gratefulness to him, we all seek and ask for his help and forgiveness, and we all repent to him from our sins and our evil deeds and actions.  Whomever Allah sets on the right path he is the beneficiary, and whomever is misguided no one else will guide, and I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, alone no equal to him, he gives life and takes away life and he is over every one and every thing, and I bear witness that prophet Mohamed (PBUH) sent as guidance and mercy to humanity, is his messenger and seal of prophets. He was sent to all mankind, black white, and yellow. Allah (SWT) prays for him, bless and praise is upon him, his family, companion, and any one who follows his guidance to the Day of Judgment.

Brothers and sisters,
This khutba is about the season’s most important phenomena, which is the Hajj. These days many Moslems are preparing to perform (Faridat) el hajj as an obligation and one of the pillars of Islam. This faridat is done for Allah alone. It represent the victory of Islam and the unity of all Moslems around the world with no regard to culture, creed, color, or National origin.  It is a manifestation of unity of Moslems. It represents the extension of the light of Islam over the horizon and over the human race.This is what the history of Islam el haneef is telling us. Allah (SWT) have decreed Hajj on the nation of Mohamed (PBUH) in the 6th year of Hijra.. After a period of time Islam (Jihad) was in a difficult phase.The battles of Auhud, Badr, and alkhandaq in front of Kuffar Qurish, and the battles were also with other tribes of the north named Bani Qaynaqaa, and Bani Alnadeer, and bani Quriza at its peek. These battles resulted in the rise of Islam’s flag and banners over the land of Arabia, and the destruction of forces of shirk, and evil.
Alrasool, (Prophet Mohamed PBUH) saw a vision in his sleep, that he will enter Mecca and circle around the Kaaba. He told his companion his vision. So they prepared themselves and left Madina, not for war but for a peaceful visit to Elbiet El Haram (the sacred house of Allah).
The prophet and his companion arrived at a place between Madina and Mecca called (El Hodibiya). There they sent messengers to Qurish that they came to visit not to battle. The purpose was a peaceful visit. The negotiations ended in agreement called (the agreement of El Hodibiya). The deal with Kuffar Qurish allowed the prophet and the rest of Moslems to come the year after to perform the Tawaf and limited it to three days.
Allah SWT sent down his Ayah “ Allah have give the messenger the truth in his vision that you will enter the Masjid El Haram (the sacred mosque), by the will of Allah, heads shaved and hair cut, not afraid, so he knew what you would not know, and made from this a soon victory”

The next year, the 7th year of Hijra, Moslems entered Mecca, by the will of Allah, in an overwhelming scene; the prophet (PBUH) said to his companion while circling around Kaaba “ mercy on one shows them today that he has self power”

The year after, the 8th year of Hijra, Kuffar Qurish reneged on their pact with Moslems and did not allow them to come in for a visit.  This was against what the Moslems expected. The prophet (PBUH) consulted with his companion and all called for war against Kuffar Qurish for their betrayal and breach of El Hodibiya agreement. Moslems under the command of Rasool Allah (PBUH), prepared an army of ten thousand men, and marched towards Mecca in Ramadan of this year.  When Aba Suffian (the leader of Kuffar Qurish) saw the Moslems army, ten thousand strong, he told the prophet’s uncle (ElAbass), “ oh Aba El Fadl, today the kingdom of Mohamed became great.” The prophet’s uncle Abas replied, correcting his understanding, “ Oh Aba Soffian it is the prophet hood ”
Conquering the kuffar and victory in Mecca was completed in this year, Idols and statues were destroyed and all Assnam (Stone statues) removed from around the Kaaba and from the top of it. The Moslems chanting that day was “ La Ilaha Ila Allah Sadaq waadahu, wa nasara abdahu wa aaza Gundahu wa hazam Al ahzab Wahdahu” No god but Allah, true on his promise, he vectored his servant, and made his soldiers dignified, and defeated the parties of kufr by himself.

Moslems around the world still repeat these words until this day.

Despite the collapse of the belief system that existed at the time, and the defeat of Shirk (the act of associating gods with Allah), and the Moshrikeen (people who associate gods with Allah), Moshrikeen continued to perform Hajj on their own Jahilia way.  Until the 9th year of Hijra, Allah revealed Surat Al Tawba, declaring the duty to cleanse the rituals of Hajj from the remains of jahillia and Shirk, Allah Says “ Oh you believers Moshrikoon are Negis (filth) they do not come close to the sacred mosque after this year, and if you are afraid of poverty Allah will give you from his bounty, if he wants, Allah is knowing and wise.”

And in the 10th year of Hijra, the prophet (PBUH) left for Mecca with more than 100,000 Moslems to perform Islamic farewell Hajj, this where the rituals that we follow these days come from. At that occasion the word of the graceful creator Allah (SWT), came down” Today I have perfected your religion for you, and completed my blessing on you and accepted Islam for you as your faith”

So, brothers and sisters, Allah (SWT) wanted to make his Islam victorious, and shine his light on the universe, and stress the greatness of this faith, and the unity of all Moslems, and the dynamic force of the true believers. He completed the right path for human race, and Mohamed was just a mean to make that message reach humanity, he wanted this message to spring from this desert land.

I say these words asking Allah forgiveness for you and me, so pray to Allah he promised to respond to our prayers. The one who repent from sins, is as the one who has no sins.

Alhamd lilAllah and blessing be on the prophet, his family and his companions and any one who follows his guidance to the Day of Judgment.
Brothers and sisters,

This Hajj is the summit of all Ibadat and if done with sincerity without faults it turns one back as if he is just born, so lucky those who complied with the call for Hajj this year and we wish we be with those who respond next year, inshaa Allah (lord willing.)
Allah SWT says” so he gives them glad tiding of mercy on them and blessing, and paradise full of permanent happiness, in it for ever, Allah has great reward” these are the truthful words of Allah.

I say these words and ask Allah forgiveness for you and me.
Oh Allah complete on us Al Iman, and make us good Moslems.
Oh Allah help us say the right words and help us do the good actions
Oh Allah give us a Blessing (Hassana) in this live, and a hassana in the hereafter.
Oh Allah I ask you forgiveness and anchor our feet in this life
Oh Allah you said and your words are the truth, do supplications (Duaa) to me I will answer you.
Oh Allah I ask you victory the day of decision. And the living of the blessed. And the lodging of the Shuhadaa (martyr), and the companionship of your messengers and prophets.
And the victory on my enemy.
Oh Allah make Islam Victorious in this world, and make your words above every
Oh Allah you are forgiving, and like to forgive, please forgive us.
Oh Allah forgive our sins, and the excesses in our lives, and strengthen our resolve.
And make us Victorians on those who are kafir
Oh Allah don’t punish us if we forget or err.
Oh Allah don’t take on us our handicaps, as you taken on those who were before us.
Oh Allah don’t over burden us with what we can’t carry, and forgive us and have mercy on us , you are our lord so make us victorious on those who are kafreen.
Oh Allah we ask you to cure our ills, and the ills of the human race
Oh Allah guide our kids and take their hands in this turbulent times.

Oh servants of Allah, Allah orders us with justice and Ihisan and connects with your relatives, and forbids Alfahshaa and the Monkar and Baghie, he warns you so that you may remember.

Brothers and sisters remember Allah, and he will remember you and anchor your feet.

Call for the prayer.