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Bismallah Elrahman Elraheem
Aslamu Alikum,
Praise be to Allah, all the thanks and gratefulness to him, we all seek and ask for his help and forgiveness, and we all repent to him from our sins and our evil deeds and actions.  Whomever Allah sets on the right path he is the beneficiary, and whomever Allah sets adrift no one else straighten, and I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, and that prophet Mohamed is his messenger and seal of prophets. He was sent to all mankind, black white, and yellow. Allah (SWT) prays for him, bless and praise is upon him, his family, companion, and any one who follows his guidance to the Day of Judgment.
Brothers and sisters,
The month of Ramadan is the month of aBarakat (blessings) and Khiraat (Goodness), we are in the middle of the month, we thank Allah that he gave us this month so that we could worship him with sincerity and inhale from the air of his mercy.
Allah made this month a field for his servants. In it we Muslim compete or run in obedience and do Ibadat (worshiping) for the sake of Allah only
Allah SWT says in Surat El-Baqara #2, 148:
“Each one has a goal, and a direction towards which he turns, strive together, run together for Khiraat  (goodness), towards all that is good. Wherever you are Allah will bring you all, Allah has power over all things.”

Muslims who race for the sake of Allah will win
Muslims who do not race for the sake of Allah will lose
Allah SWT told us about three kinds of his Ibad (servants) in their reception of his orders and his Shareaa.
Allah SWT says in Surat Fatter Ayah 32
“ Then we have given the book for inheritance (custodians) to certain of our servants whom we select and choose, but there are among them some who wrong their soul (Zalim le nafsih); and some who follow the middle course (Moqtasid) or reserved; and some who are, by the permission of Allah (sabiq bil-khirat), foremost in good deeds and actions, and that is the highest grace.”
After the prophet received the message from Allah, Muslims after him became the custodians of the book.
They are the inheritors of the book. Allah choose them to carry the message, and they are the protectors of the message and the maintainers, and who calls for word of Allah on his terms so that it could reach the hearts of the human race.  The word of Allah is the supreme.

Allah separated people in receiving Shareea as (1)-Zalim le nafsih (wrong their soul), (2)-Moqtasid (reserved), and (3)-Sabiq bil-khirate (Foremost).

Those who are zalim li-nafsih are with the shortcomings towards their duties in receiving and implementing his shareea; and those who are moqtasid (reserved) taking Ibadat with its surface not with its madmoon (contents); and those who carry on with deep conviction/commitment based on knowledge of Ibadat, acting according to the meaning of the shareea and complying with its hikma.  Those are the sabiqoon bil-khirat, and that is highest grace.
One of scholars of Islam considered the positions of people in the fasting of the month of Ramadan are also of three kinds.

The fasting of the common
The fasting of the specials
The fasting of the best of the specials

1- the fasting of the first group entails the surface of the syam. To them Syam el Batn (stomach) and the fasting of bodily desires (Farj) is all that is required of them.  Nothing beyond that. This is Syam to this group.
To refrain from eating and drinking and sexual contacts until sunset. This group takes this Ibadat in a shallow way that undermines Allah shareea; those are Zalim li-nafsih (wronging their soul).
Prophet Mohamed, ASWS, said about those people “ some of those who fast Ramadan their share of fasting is just the hunger and thirst”

2- Of fasting of the specials, entails a deeper commitment to Allah shareea; to them syam means to refrain not just from food and drinks, they also refrain from committing sins by their senses, keep the eyes down from what Allah has forbad, refrain you tongue from committing sins, such as lying, talking about others behind their back, and refrain you ears from eavesdrop to others private matters, and the refrain of the rest of your senses from committing other evil actions.
And part of the characteristics of this group is that you find their hearts hanging between fear and hope, fear of Allah may not accept their syam, and hope that with mercy it may be accepted.  Allah SWT describe this group as follows:
Sura El Moiminoon, Aya 60, translation
“ And those who dispense what they have (their charity) with their hearts full of fear that they will return to Allah”
They are afraid and their hearts are full of reverence that what they have given is not good enough for acceptance before the creator, because they know with certainty that there is the after life, we all will stand before judgment seat, but they hope in faith.

3- Fasting of the last group, the best of the specials, entails syam of the heart from all the feeling, and motivations for evil deeds and actions and sinful desires. They are committed to shareea by all their hears and minds.  An Islamic scholar described this group as directing the attentions to obedience and implementing shareea, and committed to nothing else. According to this scholar this the stage of the messengers and Awliyaa Allah, Allah SWT mention in surat Al Anaam, Aya 91

“They did not value Allah as aught to be valued, since they said nothing Allah send down to a man, say who then sent down the book which Moses brought, a light and guidance to man, you make it sheets of paper (Qratees) for show and you conceal much, and you were taught that which you did not know neither you nor your fathers.  Say Allah sent it down, and then leave them to plunge in their vain discourse and diminutive play.
Brothers and sisters, I say these words and ask Allah forgiveness for you and me, the one who repent from sins as if he has no sins.
Alhamd lilAllah and blessing be on the prophet

Brothers and sisters,

Allah is his holy book, says in a beautiful words, words that expresses respect for Muslims, that Allah invites us to forgive our sins and evil deeds, and in this month brothers and sisters, he repeats his invitation to forgive our sins and mistakes, so let us elevate our syam above those of the commons, to the level of the specials and the best of the specials, by following klam Allah and become from those who Allah bestowed on them his blessing, and become part of those mentioned in sura El Ahqaf, aya (16)

“ Those we will accept the best of their deeds and actions and by pass their ill deeds and action, they shall be among the companion of the Garden, a promise of the truth which was made to them”

Oh, Allah, you said, and you saying is the truth “ if my servants ask you about me, I am close by, respond to those who call on me.  So brothers and sisters, let us call on Allah asking in Duaa

Please make us from your dedicated servants in their fasting, who are successful in acting in the khirat and from those who are race for khirat. Allah gives us in life a blessing and gives us in the here after a blessing and save us from the hellfire.
Allah forgives our sins, and our lavish attentions to our selves, and solidifies our positions. And make victorious in our struggle with the unbelievers.
Allah forgive our sins
Allah sends of us Kiflien from your mercy, we ask you with you great name oh Allah, the merciful and compassionate
Oh Allah cure our sick and.
Oh Allah guides our children and take their hands in this temptation, and shittan (satan) in life.
Oh Allah, forgive all my sins, and protect me in what is left in my life, and give me the gift of good action you will accept from me.
Oh Allah prompt me to thank you for you bounty and blessing that you have given me and my parents, and to do good satisfactory to you, and fix for me from my siblings and offspring, I repent to you and I am from the muslimeen.
Oh servants of Allah Allah orders with justice and Ihisan and connects with you relatives, and forbids Alfahshaa and the monkar and bagie, warns you so that you may remember.

Brothers and sisters remember Allah, and he will remember you and anchor your feet.